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Introducing Montage Mediation

Learn more about Montage Mediation and how we can help in a variety of dispute situations

At Montage Mediation, we're thrilled to share our comprehensive range of mediation services designed to facilitate swift and effective resolution in various areas. Below is a snapshot of what we offer:

Informal mediation
Mediation is a much less formal process than legal action

Civil and Commercial Mediation

Navigating disputes in the business world can be complex. Our skilled mediators specialise in civil and commercial mediation, providing a neutral ground for parties to discuss and resolve conflicts quickly and without the need for legal proceedings. From contractual disagreements to business disputes, we're here to help you find common ground and achieve mutually beneficial solutions.

Landlord and Tenant Mediation

Renting a property? Facing challenges with your landlord or tenant? Montage Mediation offers a dedicated service to mediate and resolve issues related to leases, rent disputes, or property maintenance. Our goal is to foster open communication and find resolutions that maintain positive relationships.

Workplace Mediation

A harmonious workplace is crucial for productivity. Montage Mediation specialises in resolving workplace conflicts, whether they stem from interpersonal issues, communication breakdowns, or differences in management styles. Our mediation process promotes understanding, collaboration, and a healthier work environment.

Conflict Coaching

Prevention is better than cure. Our conflict coaching services are designed to equip individuals and teams with the skills to manage conflicts proactively. Through personalised coaching sessions, we help you develop effective communication and conflict resolution strategies, fostering a culture of cooperation.

Why Choose Mediation?

Mediation offers a streamlined and cost-effective alternative to lengthy court battles. By opting for mediation, parties can save both time and money, as the process is typically quicker and less costly. Our experienced mediators facilitate open dialogue, allowing parties to actively participate in crafting solutions that meet their unique needs.

Civil Mediation Council Fixed Fee Scheme

As a CMC Accredited Mediator, Sarah Bays and Montage Mediation mediators are available to take mediation appointments through the CMC Fixed Fee Scheme.

In order to give parties to a dispute of a value under £50,000 the option to employ a mediator at a reasonable rate, some individual mediators and providers are signed up to the Fixed Fee Mediation Scheme. As an Accredited Mediator through Essential Mediation Solutions, Sarah Bays is one such mediator.

Ready to Resolve Your Dispute? Contact us Today!

Don't let conflicts escalate—choose Montage Mediation for professional, confidential, and effective mediation services. Book a free discovery session today to explore how our expertise can help you achieve swift and satisfactory resolutions.


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