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When Change Creates Opportunity

Chance creates chance

At the excellent #IWD2024 event at Milsoms Kesgrave Hall last week, hearing Ife Thomas speak about how her world turned on its head when an injury led to the end of her dancing career got me to thinking how sometimes life has a remarkable way of unveiling paths we never knew existed and leading us to destinations that reshape our futures in such a positive and fulfilling way that we never dreamt possible.

For Ife, her misfortune on the stage gave her time to contemplate how her future would look without dance, and to recognise how her experiences of her journey had given her the tools to become a successful motivational coach and speaker.

My own journey took an unexpected turn not long ago, reshaping my own perspective on purpose and revealing an opportunity to me that is now my passion. 

For years, I had devoted myself  to supporting my husband in the family business, and whilst I loved the leadership and relationship aspects of my work, I was  always seeking something (though I didn’t quite know what) that felt just out of reach. It wasn't until I embarked on a quest for meaningful voluntary work that I stumbled upon an area that felt like home: mediation.

This discovery was unexpected to say the least, but this was something that resonated with me deeply and quite simply made me feel I had found my happy and rightful place. In mediation, the process of facilitating dialogue, understanding, and resolution between parties was more fulfilling than I had ever imagined possible. It was as if all my previous experiences had been leading me to this point, preparing me for a role that felt like a calling.

Whilst initially my intention was to find a way of volunteering on a part time basis to put something back into society and hopefully also enrich my own life in some way, circumstances leading to the closure of the family business found me embracing the opportunity to work in the field of mediation on a more full time basis and I couldn’t be happier!

This journey has been a powerful reminder that it's never too late to find your natural vocation. Sometimes, it finds you when you least expect it, in places you never thought to look. My foray into mediation has taught me the value of keeping an open heart and mind, and the importance of being receptive to the unexpected turns life may take.

To those still searching for their passion or contemplating a change, I encourage you to embrace the journey with curiosity and openness. Your natural calling may be just around the corner, presenting itself at the least expected moment in your life.

Let's celebrate the unexpected paths that lead us to discover our true passions. Have you found yours?

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