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About Sarah Bays

I am an Accredited Mediator practising in workplace, civil and commercial mediation as well as being a facilitator of mediation and restorative justice for Essex Police. I am also a qualified conflict coach and trained in Mental Health First Aid.

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Sarah Bays

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Professional Background

With more than 20 years’ experience in senior leadership and family business management. I am a professional who understands the internal nuances of the workplace and matters relating to personnel and business operations. 

I have built and lead teams and dealt with issues that commonly arise from communication breakdown to formal disciplinaries and everything in between. I understand the importance of thorough investigation, active listening, and empowering individuals to talk through the problem to find solutions. 

I am a mentor to colleagues and often the point of contact for individuals when advice is sought for conflict management. I believe in putting people before process and helping individuals work through issues, which is one of the fundamental principles of my mediation practice. 

Formerly a family business owner, I also understand first-hand the impact that conflict can have on both the business and the family members involved. My ethos is to help the people involved to better communicate, focus on longer term and practical solutions, and re-build the trust between the family.

In addition to my mediation practice and family business, I am a landlord of commercial property. Having managed property for more than 20 years, I understand the importance of good communication, especially where things may go wrong. My background in property management supports my general proposition of building and maintaining lasting relationships and fostering open communication. 

In a personal capacity, I am a mother and with both birth and adopted children. I have dealt with local authorities and professionals through the application and approval process and understand how difficult, complex, and sensitive such matters are and the impact on families who undergo this process. 


Mediation Style

I am a Mediator who works with a wide range of individuals and businesses. I consider myself to be naturally caring, approachable and people focused. I am that critical friend who will help parties navigate options with clear information. I believe that mediation is a form of facilitated conversation and I use this to help parties understand more about themselves and avoid further escalation of conflict. My personal and professional experience make me the ideal practitioner for conflict resolution, whether for formal process such as mediation or conflict coaching, or where advice and guidance is needed. 

Mediation Experience

My mediation experience is varied as volunteering with Essex Police in their Mediation and Restorative Justice programme brings a varied array of cases from neighbourhood disputes to criminal and community cases.  My experience in workplace mediation ranges from one to one mediations through to group mediations with complex issues at play.

Professional Affiliations

  • Member of the International Mediation Association

  • I am a member of the Civil Mediation Council

  • Member of the Dispute Resolution Agency


Training and Education

Working With the Best Partners

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